Friday, May 18, 2012

Cherry Pickin' 101

Last year my sister-in-law and I had grand adventures picking cherries from her small orchard. Cherries so thick that the trees looked red as you looked out her kitchen window. We picked and picked and boy did we freeze some beautiful cherries! The highlight of one afternoon ended when Miss Amy missed a rung on the ladder coming down out of the tree and tumbled down ... Cherries, pail and all! I had my head high in the tree top so all I heard was a soft thumped and turned around to see her sprawled (thankfully in the soft grass), face down. "oh my god! Are you ok?" a moment of silence ensue followed by a giggle that soon erupted into pure belly laughter. We laughed so hard I almost fell off the ladder as well!!!! Well we are at it again! Off to pick some cherries! Along with wonderfully warm-tart fruit, I will have some good recipes and a tale or two!!!

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